Shakira is a real little diva who hit the jackpot when she got herself adopted by the Lurie family!   We requested some photo evidence that she was now living the life of the rich and famous and were informed that she didn't get out of her bed for less than $26000 a day but kindly deigned to make an exception for us.

Shakira reports that she is doing really well in her new home.  She loves her boy, Zac, although they had a slight difference of opinion when she ate his minion, but they have since licked and made up.  Shakira loves her daily walk and gets pretty annoyed if this is skipped for some reason.  She also enjoys zoomies around the garden when the mood strikes her.  She never passes up an opportunity for a car ride, and hops into any car she can find so that someone will take her out on the town!

Well done Shakira for choosing your new home so well, and a huge thank you to the Lurie family for giving her the wonderful life she deserves!


Naomi is a pretty little whippet X girl whose lovely brindle coat is reminiscent of army camo gear.  She flew in to Cape Town to take up residence with mom Ashleigh and her lovely whippet brother, Konyagi.

Naomi loves playing with her new best friend.  Sometimes they do naughty things like destroying their beds for the fun of it, but mostly they just enjoy each other's company!