We really appreciate and need all the help we can get with fostering dogs.  However, please understand that when we place a dog in foster care our requirements are equally as strict as when placing a dog for adoption, or more so if the dog has special needs.  We kindly request that you fill in a detailed application form so that we can ensure that we only place appropriate dogs in your home. Also please note that home checks are a requirement for all foster homes and all existing pets need to be sterilised and have up to date vaccination cards for the safety of all concerned.

Please fill in the contact form below to start the process, or if you are feeling enthusiastic, you can complete the full application form and email it to us at info@sighthoundrescue.co.za.

Foster Application:

Are all your current pets sterilised?

SRSA foster application form.docx SRSA foster application form.docx
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SRSA foster application form.pdf SRSA foster application form.pdf
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