While we are primarily rescue and rehome sighthounds, during the course of our work we sometimes come across other little souls equally deserving of a good home that we just can't say no to!  When this happens we have a little ceremony in which we declare them honorary sighthounds and then they get their place on our website, and hopefully in someone special's heart and home.  Take a look at these adorable little characters and see which one of them belongs in your family! 

Yogi Bear

"I may not hunt by sight and speed, but I am still one damn fine hound dawg!"  Yogi Bear is a Basset Hound X whose photos simply don't do him justice! We can't quite describe to you how much snuggliness you will be getting in this adorable little package!  He is an extremely sweet, gentle boy who gets on well with other dogs and has tons of love to give.  Adopt him, adopt him now!  Just do it! You won't be sorry!


"Look me in the eye and tell me I can't come live with you!"  Fudge is a dear little girl who is just as sweet as her name implies.  She is very affectionate and gets on well with other dogs. Don't ask us what breed she is as that is anyone's guess.  Age is something that is also indelicate to ask a lady, so we don't go there, but she "doesn't look a day over 21!" With Fudge, what you see is what you get, and what you get is a whole lot of love and endless gratitude for giving her a home!


"Give me a place at your feet, and you will never know loneliness again!"  Toby is an adorable little teddy bear who just wants to be your best buddy.  At home, where he feels safe and secure, he is the life and soul of the party.  He is happy just to be close to you and join in whatever you are doing.  If you are typing on your computer he will look over your shoulder and proof read your work, if you are cleaning the house, he will be the first to lend a paw!  Toby's only desire in life is to love and be loved!

He does need a Mom or Dad who will understand some of his special needs.  Toby had a very rough start in life.  He was just skin and bones when rescued, and has come a long way since those sad and difficult days.  But the big world out there is still a scary place for Toby and he needs an experienced,  kind and understanding owner who will introduce him to it slowly and carefully, all the while making sure he feels safe. He loves to play with his doggy friends, but he is a nervous when meeting new dogs, so he needs a compassionate leader who will make sure that meetings with any new animals go well to help him build up his confidence.  Toby is not great with cats.

Are you the special person who can give this extremely special dog the life he deserves.  If so, please consider adopting Toby!


"Pretty young lady seeking fun and adventure." Penelope is a Lab X of about a year old.  She is a bundle of energy and just wants to be
outdoors and play all the time. Her best friend is Yogi Bear and but she gets on well with other dogs as well.  Her impression of humans could use a little work as she was let down badly by some early in life.  But with patience and understanding she will blossom into the happy, loving companion she was meant to be!  Are you going to be her person and make her world a better place?


"Jeepers, creepers, were'd you get those eyes?!"  From yo' mamma, probably! Toffee is just as sweet as Fudge, they were rescued together and based on appearances we think Toffee might be Fudge's daughter.  Toffee is a happy young girl who wants nothing more than some love and attention and a garden to play in to work of some of her youthful energy.  She is ready to strike out on her own and needs to be homed separately from Mom so that she can become her own pawsun.  Will you help?


"I am, as my name implies, a Princess, and it's about time someone took me home and treated me as such!"  Princess is a really elegant little lady of about 4 or 5 who appreciates the finer things in life.  She takes treats very delicately, showing her refinement and good breeding.  She currently lives with a large group of foster brothers and sisters, and she knows how to stand up for herself when the situation requires it, but what she really wants is to be someone's special little fur-lady, who will understand just how special she is and spoil her rotten.  What'd you say - have you got a spot on your couch for bona fide royalty?


Gramps was a well loved pet until sadly his owner passed away and the family surrendered him to a shelter. He knows a few tricks, like sitting up to "beg" for a treat, so someone took the time to teach him and cared about him very much.  Now Gramps is down on his luck and just wants a loving home where he can enjoy his golden years.  He still has a lot of love to give and just loves to be picked up for a kiss and a cuddle.

If you are longing for some canine companionship, but not sure if you can commit for 10-15 years, then Gramps might be just the dog for you!